Aphropi Mashup

Here’s the shawl made up outta the Curious Creek Spectra I picked up from Carolina Homespun at Stitches West earlier this year:

It’s based on Elizabeth Zimmerman’s basic Pi Shawl construction and uses a stitch pattern from Sivia Harding’s Aphrodite shawl design.

It’s beaded with silver-lined clear beads that I got from General Bead on Minna Street in San Francisco.

I really like the little bit of reverse stockinette that creates a garter ridge element at the border.

It turned out pretty not bad.

A Cozy Bouquet and Boutennieres

Late Spring/Early Summer 2011 project(s)…

I made a knit flower bouquet. It was fun and ridiculous. It was like carrying a stuffed animal around at my wedding.

The patterns for the flowers came outta the book, 100 Flowers to Knit & Crochet. I modelled the knit stem base after this sweet little crocheted bouquet, but couldn’t bring myself to crochet (I tried, but I just didn’t like doing it). I stitched the flowers and leaves to the base,  added some ribbon, and snuck an otherwise unloved DPN into the base to give the thing some rigidity. It gave me some smug comfort knowing that I got that DPN thru security at City Hall… like I was secretly brandishing a weapon of self-defense if the need presented itself.

Once I got going knitting flowers (and I never ever thought I’d be knitting flowers), I decided to go into a small-batch production of little rosebud boutonnieres.  They are sewn with regular sewing thread to basic medium size safety pins. They turned out pretty sweet.

Building Passion Takes Patience

At my non-knitting day job as an architect, I was charged to write a blog post for our firm’s blog. With yarn on the brain, I crafted a post to feature the importance of knitting in my life in the context of an architectural practice.  Our firm’s tagline was “Building Passion”. It’s looking like that blog won’t happen, so I thought I’d salvage the effort and share the post here.Continue reading “Building Passion Takes Patience”

Ah Camp KIP…

For those who don’t know, Camp KIP is a knitting retreat I attended last week in New Haven, Missouri, hosted by the spirited Jackie of the KIPing-It-Real podcast. The event was a Knitting-Podcast-A-Palooza of sorts, with headliners from many of my favorites (see some links at right). I’ve practically stopped listening to music in recent years to make audio time for podcasts. Specifically, knitting podcasts. I’m a knitting podcast junkie, it’s true. Even though I have a decent community of knitters in my real life, apparently I just can’t get enough yarn-on-the-brain-all-the-time discussion. The opportunity to connect in-person with knitters everywhere who share my audio community was too much to pass up.

It was…

  • Idyllic (I had no idea how beautiful the St. Louis countryside would be);
  • Indulgent (Knit anywhere, anytime, and get fed regularly);
  • Accepting (Everyone else understands!);
  • Communal (Sit down with any single person and you automatically have common ground for friendship);
  • Inspiring (So many lovely finished projects and works-in-progress to admire);
  • Restorative (Not just knitting and spinning… yoga and massage too!); and
  • Fun (Oh, the shenanigans!).

It was a treat to meet the people behind the voices that have become such an integral part of my day-to-day life. I was definitely shy about connecting with podcasters… I’ll have to work on getting over that in the future and remind myself that they are regular people who are just a bit famous within our circles.

It was an unanticipated treat to connect with and meet new people that I didn’t have the internal-fangirl-barrier with. I’ve made cherished new friendships that I’ll carry with me into the future.

Camp KIP 2012 is on my calendar. I hope I can do it again!

Knitting and Spinning in Under the Shade Structure on Friday Afternoon at Camp KIP

Craftastic Weekend

I had a craftastic weekend!

I kicked it off by putting the finishing touches on my Golden Gate Acer cardigan: inserting a grosgrain ribbon button band and beautiful buttons a la The Knitmore Girls. They’ve put together a couple video tutorials that guided me through the process.

On Saturday, I volunteered as a knitting teacher at the library. SFPL’s Main Library has a ‘Knit Happens‘ program that occurs semi-monthly. I started volunteering a few years ago with the intention of spreading the yarn love and having the opportunity to mentor young people in my community (I saw a flyer advertising Knitting for Teens). My experiences have been mixed, but over all it’s a fulfilling thing that I enjoy doing (maybe more reflection on this to come in a future post).

On Sunday, my mom and I took a beginning rigid heddle weaving class at AVFKW (taught by my clever GGFI roomate, April!). It was my first visit to AVFKW… and it was everything I’d heard about and imagined: sweet, open, and airy with beautiful materials and a comforting sense of welcome. Yarn beauty galore and fabric too! The class was small, hands-on, informative, and productive. Mom and I rented little Cricket looms and have been having fun with them.

I rode out to the end of the weekend riding the pedals of my sewing machine and serger and made a pair of flannel pajama pants to maximize my Camp KIP PJ party experience. It’s a beta pair with a silly monkey print. I’m hoping to make another official Camp KIP pair (with sheep print + apple green + flannel = best pj fabric ever!).

Now I’ve got a cold. I’ve got noodle soup on the brain. Must go get noodles…

Front of GG Acer with Buttons
Warping Crickets!

Karen the Consumer

Spent the day ogling, squishing, and shopping at the Stitches West Marketplace with my mom and my friend Lisa. Apparently I’m feeling it for Blue these days as almost all the yarn I purchased is in some shade of Blue.

The yarn acquisitions I’m most excited about are Curious Creek’s Spectra Series Meru Laceweight in ‘Dendrobium’ and Sweet Georgia Superwash Worsted in ‘Coastal’.

I picked up some cute knitting-related print fabric for project bags and PJ pants.

Some new 2.25mm needles came home with me to replace the ones I lost in Arizona, including some Kollage square needles (I decided to give them an extended test drive).

It was especially fun to see people! I saw Michelle, Felicia, Carrie, Nada and Anne Lena from GGFI 2010. I met and spoke with Dr. Gemma of the Cogknitive Podcast (and she convinced me to knit a bear for the Mother Bear project). Also, even though I lurked over 30 yards away, it was fun to see Jess and Casey of Ravelry fame from across the room.

It was great to see everything I saw, and even though I can’t afford to buy everything that catches my eye, I love being able too see stuff in person so I can queue the possibility of ordering from these vendors in the future.