A Cozy Bouquet and Boutennieres

Late Spring/Early Summer 2011 project(s)…

I made a knit flower bouquet. It was fun and ridiculous. It was like carrying a stuffed animal around at my wedding.

The patterns for the flowers came outta the book, 100 Flowers to Knit & Crochet. I modelled the knit stem base after this sweet little crocheted bouquet, but couldn’t bring myself to crochet (I tried, but I just didn’t like doing it). I stitched the flowers and leaves to the base,  added some ribbon, and snuck an otherwise unloved DPN into the base to give the thing some rigidity. It gave me some smug comfort knowing that I got that DPN thru security at City Hall… like I was secretly brandishing a weapon of self-defense if the need presented itself.

Once I got going knitting flowers (and I never ever thought I’d be knitting flowers), I decided to go into a small-batch production of little rosebud boutonnieres.  They are sewn with regular sewing thread to basic medium size safety pins. They turned out pretty sweet.

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architect, knitter, spinner, and felt-tip marker enthusiast

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