Karen the Consumer

Spent the day ogling, squishing, and shopping at the Stitches West Marketplace with my mom and my friend Lisa. Apparently I’m feeling it for Blue these days as almost all the yarn I purchased is in some shade of Blue.

The yarn acquisitions I’m most excited about are Curious Creek’s Spectra Series Meru Laceweight in ‘Dendrobium’ and Sweet Georgia Superwash Worsted in ‘Coastal’.

I picked up some cute knitting-related print fabric for project bags and PJ pants.

Some new 2.25mm needles came home with me to replace the ones I lost in Arizona, including some Kollage square needles (I decided to give them an extended test drive).

It was especially fun to see people! I saw Michelle, Felicia, Carrie, Nada and Anne Lena from GGFI 2010. I met and spoke with Dr. Gemma of the Cogknitive Podcast (and she convinced me to knit a bear for the Mother Bear project). Also, even though I lurked over 30 yards away, it was fun to see Jess and Casey of Ravelry fame from across the room.

It was great to see everything I saw, and even though I can’t afford to buy everything that catches my eye, I love being able too see stuff in person so I can queue the possibility of ordering from these vendors in the future.

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