Reward in Phoenix


I’m looking for a compassionate, Spanish speaking person in Phoenix who can help me reunite with a beloved lost knitting project.

I was passing through Phoenix on Friday 2/4/2011 and left my project in a strip mall Mexican restaurant. It’s was in a little black drawstring bag. See this post for a photo.

It’s worth a lot to me: the yarn is my handspun and the needles are nice Addis. I’m heartbroken over the loss.

I’m over 750 miles away in San Francisco. I tried calling the restaurant, but apparently they do not understand English. The woman who answered kept asking me if I wanted a burrito or taco when I tried to explain my situation to her.

Can you or someone you know help me? I’d be forever grateful if you would. Perhaps you could call and find out if they have it? Or stop by and ask in person? I’m more than willing to cover the cost of mailing it home to me. Also…



3/2011 UPDATE: I’ve come to accept that this project is gone.  I’ve repurchased spinning fiber and needles and will resurrect the project in a new form someday.

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architect, knitter, spinner, and felt-tip marker enthusiast

3 thoughts on “Reward in Phoenix

  1. this is good news….i think. kurt has family in Phoenix tho it is a HUGE place. I hope hope someone finds it.

    Say, do you have the pattern for your slippers? I’d like to make them for the girlies.

    Happy VDAY to you too my dear!!

  2. We were in Gilbert and Tempe on February 26th, but didn’t realize your plight! How frustrating to lose a project made with such beautiful materials.

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