My Sweet Suzi

I spent Sunday afternoon carding wool with my friend Suzi. Last year she sent me two fleeces from her stay at a sheep farm in Massachusetts: a Jacob named Kaleigh and a Coopworth-Romney named Beautiful Baby Girl (BBG).

Suzi helped me wash out the raw barnyard funk. We did it with a washing machine and were armed with bottles of Dawn dishwashing liquid, rubber gloves, and several large mesh laundry bags. I turned up my water heater to Eleven.

Yesterday, Suzi came over and helped me work on processing some of BBG’s fleece with the drum carder that our generous and serendipitously coincidental mutual friend Kate lent me. Lofty and soft batts of greige wool… Mmm! We were at it for a few hours and there’s still so much more to do.

While Suzi is not interested in knitting and is mostly disinterested in spinning, she is a super supporter and enthusiastic enabler of my fibery hobbies. Last year she accompanied me to Spinning Day at the Winery and even offered to drive me almost 400 miles to an obscure sheep-to-shawl event.

She’s a Valentine’s Eve dream come true.

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