Agh! Project missing!

I’ve been traveling over this past extended weekend and somewhere between San Francisco and Prescott, Arizona, I lost my Sunset Socks. 😦

Full of ambition, I packed 2 projects in my carry-on tote. Really? Was I gonna finish a full sweater from start-to-finish in less than 4 days AND work on my sock? Apparently I thought I could.

It was crowded in that tote. In addition to the Sunset Sock project bag, I had 6 balls of yarn for a new Acer Cardigan, assorted needles and notions, boarding pass receipts, rental car reservation print outs, snacks, purse within the tote, etc.

I was caught up in the startitus of the Acer and took the Sock bag out of the tote to gain access to the new balls of yarn.

Why!?! Where?!? Ugh! I abandoned my poor socks while caught up in the thrill of a new project.

I just filed a Lost Report with the airline and left a frantic message with one of the dining establishments I was at.

So stupid feeling. So sad.

In optimistic tribute that they will be found…

Published by karenmoniquechan

architect, knitter, spinner, and felt-tip marker enthusiast

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