In Case of Loss, a Small Slip of Insurance

On the heels of my lost knitting, I am figuratively kicking myself for not putting my contact information into my project bag. I even have hundreds of little personal business cards that I had made for super cheap. They are uselessly not accompanying my missing knitting. kick kick!

Lesson learned. I’ll be putting my contact info into all my project bags this week. I recommend you do the same.

In service to my fellow knitters, I’ve created a printable DIY knitting project tag that you can download (especially for those who don’t have business cards ready to go): In Case of Loss.

I hope you are more clever than I and that this sinking feeling of loss never finds you. In case it does, may this small slip of insurance bring you some minor relief and hope.

Published by karenmoniquechan

architect, knitter, spinner, and felt-tip marker enthusiast

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