Wherever I go, there I knit. I am a Woolen Warrior. Fortified with needles for yarn and chopsticks for noodles, I live for pulling threads thru my loopy life in San Francisco, California. I am also a spinner, a felt-tip marker enthusiast, and an architect. I maintain a small urban garden of year-round winter crops. I bicycle around town when I’m not thinking about how much knitting I can do while riding Muni.

The name “Woolen Warrior” comes from an episode of the animated cartoon, Pucca. She’s Asian; I’m Asian. She loves to eat noodles with chopsticks; I love to eat noodles… you see where I’m going here. In the Woolen Warrior episode, Pucca knits her ninja boyfriend a sweater that saves his life. You can watch the episode on YouTube here.

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