Lopi Love, As Promised

Lettlopi at Álafoss
Lettlopi at Álafoss

We rode the  #15 bus out to Mosfellsbær to go to the Álafoss Wool Store. Compared to Central Reykjavik, this area is on the rural end of a suburban spectrum.  That is, there’s not a lot going on out there in terms of commercial development or housing. Here’s the view from the bus:

#15 Bus to Mosfellsbær
#15 Bus to Mosfellsbær

Once we got off the bus, there was an over the river-and-through-the-woods walk to Álafoss.

Footpath to Álafoss
Footpath to Álafoss

The Álafoss wool factory was founded at the same spot in 1896. There were displays of old knitting and spinning equipment, knit garments for sale, and of course… yarn!

I indulged in a few yarn cakes. Yummy!

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