So Long First Wavers!

We learn about cultural movements usually after they’ve happened. We are on the outside looking in and from the future looking back. When learning about beat poets, modern painters, and the like, I’ve been struck by the fact that various artisans were working individually within a greater social network and environmental context. Those guys knew each other? They hung out? They influenced each other? They’ve influenced their societies? I’m reading a book about them?

Maybe someday I’ll read a book about a cultural movement happening in my consciousness: knitting podcasts. That’s right. Knitting Podcasts. I’ve witnessed the first wave. Some of the first wave have passed on. A moment of silence and well wishes for the makers of: Stitch-It, KIPing it Real, and Manic Purl (and Knitajourney who I didn’t listen to as much).


These first wavers kept me company for oh so many stitches. You know what? Those gals know each other. They hang out. They influence each other. They’ve influenced me!

I’m still listening to the steadfast first-wavers, waiting patiently for some to come off of baby-hiatus. I’m tuned into a few second wave favorites. I’m feeling hesitant to seek out the third wave, but I will. Any recommendations?

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architect, knitter, spinner, and felt-tip marker enthusiast

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